Saturday, April 28, 2012

First Memory Box

Our first complete memory box has been assembled and is on its way across the country. I received an email from a friend on Friday afternoon about a couple who delivered their baby boy early Friday morning. He was born still at 18 weeks gestation. Since their baby boy has already been delivered, I know that the memory box won't make it in time for hospital use. However, I pray that it will still bring some comfort to them as the prepare to make burial arrangements.

I went to bed last night with a heavy heart. Each time I hear of another loss, I can't help it... it takes me back to July 21, 2011, the day I delivered Nathan. It breaks my heart to think of another family having to go through that. I got up this morning and drove across town (since our post office isn't open on Saturdays) and dropped it off. It is a gray, rainy-looking morning here in North Carolina... which seemed to fit my mood and mindset. On the way, I spent most of the drive praying for the family. Right before I got off the highway, I turned on the radio (which I keep on K-Love) and the Casting Crowns song, "Praise You in This Storm" came on. It is a song that has helped me on my journey... so I kinda felt like it was a small message from God and Nathan saying, "We're here with you and we understand what you're feeling today." That made me smile... something that, 9 months and 1 week ago, I didn't think would ever be possible again. I will never stop missing him but I can feel a difference in my grief. I know that God is healing my heart and I'm thankful for that.

I wanted to include this story and picture of the memory box, so that you can see what exactly you are supporting. I want you to see how you are helping and making a difference... one family and one precious baby at a time. Thank you, thank you, thank you... to EVERY single person who has supported us either through prayer, making and donating items or with a monetary donation.

(A bereavement pouch, hat and blanket are included in this box so that
the parents may choose to have an item to bury or cremate their baby in,
as well as, be able to keep an item that their baby was held and loved in.)

(One teddy bear for the parents to keep and one
teddy bear to be buried or cremated with baby.)

Thursday, April 26, 2012

April Update

 I realize that communication has been very limited on here and I apologize. It seems to be so much faster to post on Facebook, when I'm already on there, sometimes.

First off, thank you to everyone who helped with the flower fundraiser!!! We were able to earn $92.00! I hope that you are pleased with your flowers. Feel free to email some pictures, for us to share, as you plant or as they begin to bloom!! Be sure to let me know whether you think this is something we should do again next year. As always, we are looking for interesting fundraising ideas. If you think of or know of something... share it with us!! (Just keep in mind, that we are not a 501/Non-profit organization.)

I wanted to offer a short update and let you know that we're still here and still committed to giving back to the bereaved community. I checked in with our "box company" today and it looks like their April launch, here in the US, has been delayed until May. :-( I did get more information as to the sizes and colors that will be offered. There aren't as many choices as their UK line but it still looks like the ones offered will fit our needs.

Oh, well... I'm not sure that we're going to be able to cut through the red tape at my first choice hospital so I may need the extra time to start communication with other hospitals. They seemed to be more concerned about the cost of certain items in the proto-box that we took to show them. I just keep getting the feeling that they don't want any "outside" help... but that they are interested in specific items so they can purchase things themselves. A little bummed but not letting this stop me... someone, somewhere can use these memory boxes!

Thank you all for your continued support!!!

Friday, April 6, 2012

Fundraiser Reminder

I just wanted to offer a reminder that you have one more week to order flower bulbs from our fundraiser. Our goal is to raise $200 and we're about halfway there!! 50% of the sales will come back to us and help purchase items for the memory boxes. Click on the beautiful picture of flowers to your left, for the online catalog and ordering information. The sale ends April 13th.
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