Thursday, August 11, 2011

Thoughts inspired by the mailbox

The mailbox was friendly today. I got a book from Stephanie at The Sweet Pea Project. It was such a good book and I definitely want to include copies in the memory boxes. If you would like to purchase a copy or two, we'd love to have some copies donated. ;-) And of course, if you're able... support their project as well.

I also received the teddy bears today! (I was surprised at the amazingly, fast shipping!) Again, thanks goes out to the Williamson family. These bears are the first items purchased, using a gift card from their family. These bears will be added to the memory boxes in memory of their angel, Patrick. It amazed me, holding one, to realize that Nathan was a little bigger than about twice the size of it. He was 6 1/2" long and the bear pictured is 3" long. Thank you, Kelly! Even though Nathan never touched the bear... it brought me some comfort today when I held it. It was nice just to have something physical to remind me of him... something that I could relate to, as far as his tiny size. It warms my heart to think of the other moms who will, hopefully, gain some comfort from them also.

How amazing is God... to create something so tiny and beautiful? Just shy of 17 weeks, he already had fingernails and toenails and all of his features were already formed and in place. He was such a tiny, angel. It just takes my breath away to think about the sheer miracle of his existence. 17 weeks wasn't nearly long enough... but I was BLESSED to have him for those 17 weeks. I'm a lucky mama because I had him with me and he felt my love and warmth during his entire life. (Thank you, Stephanie for your words and helping me to feel better about my own thoughts and feelings. Even though you had your angel 24 weeks longer than I had mine, I could relate to a lot of what you wrote.)



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