Saturday, May 19, 2012

Private Practice and Baby Grayson

Some people, on one of my support boards, were talking about this story and the latest Private Practice episode. I've never watched that show but I got on Hulu and watch the latest episode and oh boy, did I cry. I also watched baby Grayson's video, on their personal blog. He is beautiful! That baby was... IS... so amazingly loved. Yes, the pictures that show his exposed head and his "defect" are a little difficult to look at but after I saw it... I was drawn to his precious little face and completely overlooked everything else. People who haven't "been there" will just never understand (thankfully). Sometimes it feels like we, as parents who've lost a baby, are beating our head against the wall... expecting a different reaction from those around us. But that said, we ARE making a difference every single time we share our babies' stories. Out of 10 people we share our stories with, if at least 1 person is changed and moved by it... then that person will tell someone else and maybe they will be changed... and so on. Eventually, society will stop "shunning" us and allow us the respect and support to grieve the loss of our babies. 

Here's the link to baby Grayson's story, which features a link the Walker family's personal blog... Facebook Deletes Baby Pictures, Family Outraged


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