Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Sewing Machine

I finally got a sewing machine! My mom found one at a yard sale a couple weeks ago. A lady had passed away about a year ago and her son was selling all of her sewing stuff. She was a serious sewer... sewed her own clothes, etc. We ended up with 4 boxes and two suitcases full of patterns, thread, bobbins, latches, zippers, buttons, etc.

I've been told that as long I continue to service it, I should have many more years of use. The sewing machine I got is a Vintage 1950's Singer Touch & Sew. It came with the manual and all the accessories... all in their original boxes!

I stopped by Joann's and got some cotton flannel fabric and brown minky dots fabric.

I decided to try my hand at a self-binding baby blanket. I found the tutorial on YouTube and I thought it looked so cute and simple!

Crazy me decided to start with flannel and minky dot fabric. Wow... minky is NOT a forgiving fabric. In addition to being an expensive fabric, minky is also an unforgiving fabric. If you screw up, it will shout loudly and announce it. LOL. However, I think it turned out okay. Especially considering that I've never sewn before. (The pink minky fabric was donated by Mommy & Me Consignments.)

My second attempt turned out a little better. I used two different patterns of cotton flannel and I think it turned out really cute!!


Stefanie said...

I love that fabric with the words on it! Where did you find that?

Crystal said...

I got it at Joann's. (

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